Garden Pots

Sourced from the four corners of the earth, Liebermann Pottery sells ceramic garden plant pots of all shapes, sizes and colours from our gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Speak to us about wholesale and decorators' discounts for landscapers, nurseries, shops and interior decorators.

Most of our large and gigantic garden planters can also be used as water features - for advice on creating a water feature please see the  waterfeatures page. We have spectacular examples of hand-decorated ceramic craftsmanship in rustic and ancient Chinese and Thai forms.

In stock are glazed ceramic planters, in light colours to uplift and increase the light in your garden, and unglazed rustic wares, including terracotta and woodfired slipwares. Some of these planters were transported by ox wagon and barges from remote rural areas in China and Vietnam.

Most of our giant planters are immensely strong to handle the vigorous root growth of trees. A relatively small garden planter can support a tree that is ten or more times the height of its ceramic container. For advice on planting trees, and other speciality plants, please speak to us.

We keep cheap terracotta flowerpots and welcome wholesale orders.

Contemporary Bright Planters

Contemporary Planters


Glazed Rustic Garden Planters

Outdoor Porcelain Garden Pots

Rain Jars, Wine Jars, Traditional

Rustic Garden Planters

Terracotta plant pots
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