Ceramic Vases

There is a vast range of Liebermann vases ranging from 10 cm high flower vases to very tall vases over a meter high.  These earthenware ceramic vases are hand-thrown and useful as an interior centerpiece vase and as an idea for garden design. 

They are available in a wide variety of ceramic glazes; bright primary colors, pastel hues, and earthy tones. There is a colour to suit every palate.

Some of these vases date back to the start of the pottery, while others represent our latest design innovations.

You can find more vase designs in our porcelain and rain jar sections, where we have many white and contemporary vase shapes and sizes available.

Ceramic Vase Shapes

MISC. Liebermann Vases


VASE Bright

VASE Bright large

Vase handthrown

VASE Handthrown giant XXXlarge

VASE Handthrown medium

VASE Handthrown medium large

VASE Handthrown Xlarge

VASE handthrown XXlarge
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