Fish ponds and garden fountains

Many of our garden pottery vessels are dual purpose, and there are many pots designed as fish ponds or water features which are to be found in the Rustic, Glazed Rustic and Outdoor Porcelain parts of this website. Look for a wide mouth in a pond so that fish can get access to air.

You don't have to be limited to fish. Flowering water plants are low-maintenance in a ceramic garden pond. They can add beauty and attract frogs and dragonflies to your garden. You don't have to be limited to expensive exotic water plants either - the common bulrush grows in abundance all over South Africa and will thrive in a water pot ,as will the beautiful arum lily.

Another use for a fish pot

Fountain idea

Happy Koi fish

Reed water planter

Reflected -Koi swimming with vases

Small Fish Pot

Some accessories

Thai frilly waterpots

Water feature

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