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 Rain jars

Throughout South East Asia, households have traditionally taken advantage of high rainfall to capture water off their roofs.  A specialized jar has been manufactured for this purpose for hundreds of years. 

Rain jars are generally glazed, with a rim to enable a cover or mosquito net to be put over the mouth of the pot.  Water would then be ladled out of the jar as needed.  We import traditional rain jar covers as well, although usually these are used as drip trays.   

It is possible to use these pots for the purpose they were originally designed.  By drilling a hole in the bottom for a tap, and putting the pot on a raised platform for gravity feed, a fairly expensive, but stunning way of saving water for your garden is possible. 

Rain jars are generally large, and cylindrical or ovoid in shape to take advantage of ideal surface to volume ratio of a curved body.  The narrow mouth enables easy covering.   

Wine/Vinegar Jars

Rice wine brewing is both a home industry, and part of the formal economy, and it's a longstanding tradition in China and across South East Asia.
The first written reference to brewing techniques for various types of rice wine is inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty (16th to 11th Century BC, China), but of course the making of rice wine long predates this record.

Throughout rural China, wineries produce rice wine in giant glazed earthenware jars.  These are covered with a loose-fitting lid to allow fermentation gases to escape.  Smaller jars of rice wine are sold to local families.  These jars can be seen discarded outside people's homes - like giant ceramic papsaks.  Some potteries specialize in making wine jars, as shown here.

To read more about exactly how these jars are used in the brewing process, go to: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_alcoholic_beverage#Brewing_the_main_mash

We have many more pots with curved shapes, which are not shown on this page, so if you don't see what you want, please ask us for help. 

Granary Jars

We have some stunning examples of traditional ceramic Asian granary jars.  Note the double rim, to enable a moat to be created around the mouth of the jar, and prevent ants from entering.

500 litre Wine Jar

An explanation of Burmese Martabans

An oxcart used to transport Martabans

Antique Burmese Martaban

Burma Jar

Dec. Oct. Fat jar

Decorated Dragon Jar

Jinta - Burial Urn

Jinta Monk Burial Pot

Pickling jar

Pickling jar, Glazed

Rice wine

Rustic 150 ltr Jar

Rustic Jar Xlrg

Rustic Square Shoulder 600 liter Wine Jar

Rustic Storage Jar Large

Rustic Water Jar

Testing the jars

Waffle Wine Jar

Water Jar in Myanmar

Waterpots with kittens

Wine jar #3 X Tall

Wine jar manufacturers

Wine jar pottery scene

Wine Jar Waffle Design

Wine Jar Waffle Design

Wine/Vinegar Jar 1200 litre
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