Clay & Supplies

We produce and import several clays, including terracotta clay, groggy clay, paper clay, purple sand clay, porcelain and glazes. We can also fire your pottery for you. 

We source several types of clay tools, including brushes, potters wheels, and fettling tools.

Potters may want to take a look at the very interesting Clay Station website for technical discussions  of clays, glazes, clay firing techniques and more. 

To get information, from scratch, try this next one:   

Ceramics History - Looking To Find Out About Ceramics History? Long Lost Manuscript Reveals The Unknown Secrets And Explains How To Make Pottery Like A Pro!

To find pottery classes at a studio near you, go to the Ceramics SA webpage: Teaching Studios in Gauteng.  This is also an excellent place to find lectures, festivals, equipment and workshops on pottery in South Africa.

Clay Tools

Clays and other materials
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