Glazed Rustic Garden Planters

Gigantic pots from rural China, with gentle hues and tones, slightly translucent and reflective; these wares make exceptionally beautiful planters and ponds, that will complement most foliages and blend in easily. 

They may be placed for a dramatic statement, due to their grandeur, or their softness of shading may be useful as a subtle adjunct to your garden landscape.   

One of the fascinating aspects of most pottery is that the designs and shapes go back hundreds of years and each is associated with a practical function.  The qualities of clay as medium also play a very important role in that clay loves to curve.  The lines of almost all wares are curved.  Straight lines are associated with greater difficulty of manufacture.  

Flower Pots various

1 curious chicken checking things out

A View of Our Pottery in Cape Town

A View of Our Pottery in Johannesburg

Edgy studded jar

Egg Planter

Elegant planter

Floral blossom pot

Garden Dragon Pot

Garden Planter - tall glass

Garden planters

Garden Tub planter

Getting the rice threshing done

Glazd Rustic Tall Xlrg planter

Glazed Rustic Bamboo Cylinder Planter

Glazed Rustic Tall planter

Jar Glazed Rustic

Jar Tall thin Rustic

Jumbo Planter with deco rim

Motorbike cart in rustic pottery

Myanma green trumpet planter

Planter Tall Glass Rustic

Planter V Hatch

Pond pot

Pond pot - large

Rooster Drinking

Round Pot

Rustic Jar

Sadly not for sale

Six-sided Garden Planter

Slip Cast Baroque planter

Small garden bowls


Straight pot

Tall Square Planters

Tall Wine Jars

Trumpet Pot

Waffle Wine Jar

Waterbowl Rustic

Waterpot being made

Waterpot Tall

X tall planter

Yelenka the First Hen
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