Contemporary Planters

Contemporary garden planters are ideal for modern home and garden decor. 

The tall glass shapes are particularly suited for small areas where people need to move freely.  Square shapes enable every inch of an available area to be utilized.  The glossy colours have a dramatic appeal. 

Contemporary pots are not only the result of the modern styles and aesthetics being taken up by potters and ceramicists, but also reflect the development of sophisticated manufacturing and glazing techniques.  Each glaze is made up of a multitude of metal powders and salts, combined in extremely precise ratios, while wares are usually made with gigantic specialized machinery such as jigs and stampers, which enable uniformity of shape and size.

The porcelain garden pots and our hand made bright planters are also suited for contemporary indoor and outdoor settings.

Ball Planter

Contemporary ball planter

Contemporary Planter glazed round w/rim

Contemporary purple sand

Contemporary Tall Glass Planter

Contemporary tall white planters

Farmer pot

Medley of Contemporary Pots

Orchid planter

Planter short square glazed

Planter Square cube glazed

Planter Square unglazed

Planter tall square

Planters glazed tall w/groove sqr.

Range of Large red planters


Square glazed planter

Strawberry planter

Tall glass shaped contemporary planter
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