We have a complete range of sizes, shapes and colours for planting and re-potting bonsai trees.  

Many of our bonsai pots are handmade with a signature by the artist.

But we also order bulk quantities of cheap wholesale bonsai planters. Members of Bonsai societies are eligible for a discount. To visit South African Bonsai Association, please click on this link.

If at all possible, visit either our Johannesburg or our Cape Town Gallery.  However, if you stay in other parts of South Africa, we will be able to send you a price list and pictures, and liaise with you directly to provide the bonsai planters you require.  

We have a few bonsai tools available, and are slowly building up a stock of bonsai trees - although this is mainly for the fun of it, rather than a serious venture.

Extra Large Bonsai Pots

Giant Forest Bonsai Planters

Large Bonsai Pots

Medium Bonsai Pots

Starter Bonsai Pots
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