Bric-a-brac and Antique Ceramics

Unusual and interesting ceramics. Some of the left-over South African ceramics from old local potteries can be found here, along with rare ceramics from Asia, and more contemporary ceramic works by various artists.

We have antique china, and antique Chinese Porcelain, traditional functional ceramics, as well as strange oddments from generations of South African potters.  There are many creative possibilities in this area for garden decor and home decorating. 

200 year old Tofu Pestle & mortar


Ancestor's Dragon ossuary box

Antique Clay Window

Antique condiment bowls


Batrang rice bowls

Benjarong cup & saucer South Africa

Bird feeders

Chicken Head Ewer

Chimney Pots

Doctor Pillows

Fighting cricket jar

Fighting cricket jar - interior

Frank's platters

Granite millstone

Liberation Pencil Holders

Lisa Liebermann bowl

Lisa Liebermann Vase

Little bottles

Medicine Pots

Neti Pot South Africa

Numbers Frank

Opium Pillow

Owl Candle Holder


Phoenix glazed window tile

Pickling Jar

Pig Troughs

Potato Pots

Purple Sand Zisha Teapot

Ramshead Candleholder

Rustic Tea Pots


Tagine Frank large 17x25cm


Traditional fire pot

Wall Plaques
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