Outdoor Porcelain Garden Pots

These hand painted colourful fishbowls, or neat octagonal and round plant pots with drip trays are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Meticulous, sometimes intensely detailed, formal pieces convey an old fashioned and feminine ambience, warming and brightening rooms and garden spaces.  Our contemporary porcelain garden planters are popular choices for a clean modern look.  


Crazed porcelain bowl

Famille Rose Garden Planter

Fishbowl decorated

Ming Giant

Minimalist White Porcelain

Octagonal Handpainted Planter w/ drip tray

Octagonal planter w/ drip tray

Oxblood fishbowls & planters

Royal Blue Contemporary Porcelain Pots

Shallow Famille Rose Fishbowl

Vietnamese Porcelain Garden Planter

White Porcelain Seats
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