Liebermann Pottery has been researching, manufacturing, collecting and selling pottery since 1952. Two acres of ceramics stretch up onto dusty shelves or lie stacked in maze-like rows higher than your head.

Garden pots of all kinds, shapes and sizes, antique vases, giant urns, koi ponds, terracotta, hand-made once offs, and cheap wholesale planters lie stretched across the quiet, slightly eerie, landscape of the old red-brick gasworks. These industrial structures were built in the 1930s, and have long since been left to stand empty and unused, slowly rusting and aging in the long grass.

Inside the gallery itself are complete sets of dinnerware, handthrown tableware, porcelain collectables, antiques, lampshades, vases, tiles, dolls, figurines and a seemingly endless treasure trove of wares waiting to be discovered, haggled over, and taken home.

Liebermann Pottery prides itself on a complete range of bonsai pots, and caters for studio potters, with various types of clay and clay tools on offer as well as a firing service, and of course, its selection of Pottery Detective DVDs. We do our best to provide cheap wholesale wares for landscapers, retailers, antique dealers and interior decorators, and are quite willing to source bulk orders.

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