Small Fish Ponds

Most ceramic vessels can be converted into small fish ponds by the judicious drilling or sealing of holes.

We can drill holes into our ceramic fish ponds to create garden planters, as required. We have specialist porcelain Koi ponds which are made for this specific purpose and enable you to keep happy Koi fish, Tilapia or other fish in a small garden. 

While creating a garden pond by digging a hole and sealing it up can beautify your garden, it can be a bit of a hassle should your pond spring a leak. By using a ceramic fish pond, you avoid this problem, and you can place your fishpond anywhere where the fish can get enough sun and shade. On the other hand, if you want to attract frogs, you'll need to provide rocks and so forth so they have ramps for getting in and out of your garden pond. 

A garden planter with a hole lends itself to being converted into a water feature, because water pipes leading to a water pump and fountain can be fed through the drainage hole, and sealed in with putty, grout, silicon etc.

Fish require an open mouthed ceramic vessel to get sufficient air and light, and do best outdoors, in the garden, for the same reason. In Johannesburg, and most places in South Africa, the surface of the water doesn't freeze over often enough to cause problems. 

Liebermann Pottery imports a huge range of giant urns and ceramic water vessels, many of which were designed many generations ago for the purpose of holding and catching rain water.  (See rain jars in our garden pots section.)     

To create a contemporary water feature, a tall garden planter can be put over a metal mesh grate, which is then decorated with pebbles, or placed over a larger shallow bowl or a sump sunk into the ground. Water can then be cascaded over its surface, creating a beautiful and tranquil sheet of moving water. 

For pumps and more specific advice on the construction of water features, speak to Adriaan. 

Fish ponds and garden fountains
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