Collectables and Antiques

A lust for pottery, and more than half a century of doing business, has left us with some very peculiar and interesting pieces.  There is always some bargain to be had in this section, and all sorts of creative uses to which our bric-a-brac can be put.

Over the past few years, we have been lucky enough to come across unusual examples of traditional pottery and functional artifacts as well as a number of antiques and porcelain wares.   

This is therefore one of the most interesting parts of our website, and it showcases pieces ranging in value from R5 to R10 000.

Including: Africana, Amazing hand painted pieces, Aromatherapy burners, Balls, Bamboo chairs, Bamboo ladders, Basketry, Benjarong,  Bird feeders, Calligraphy brushes, Candle holders, Ceramic bottles, Chinese medicine brewing vessels, Clay beads, Thai curry servers, ceramic firestoves, Frogs, Giant fish, Glass bottles, Gum bowls, Hippos, Jack’s creations, jewelry boxes, kimchi jars, Lampshades, Netti Pots, Numbers, Orchid planters, Oven handles, Pickle jars , Potato storage jars, Saki cups, Saki sets, Scissors, handmade, Snail dishes, Snow lanterns, Spirit houses, Storage jars, Strawberry planters, Sushi plates, Tajeens, Tea warmers, Terracotta handmade tiles, Vinegar jars, Water coolers, Water ocarina, Water whistles, Wine carafes, Wizards

Bric-a-brac and Antique Ceramics
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