Clay Tiles and Mosaic Tiles

The Liebermann picture tiles are essentially the work and vision of three artists working in collaboration, Annemarie Berry, Magda Jasinska and Mary Liebermann. 

Whimsical, innocent or erotic, often humorous, warm images characterized by an elegance of line and long graceful forms, Liebermann Picture tiles bring a friendly, playful air to any space.  Dating back to the 1960’s, they are very much true to their time, and the aesthetic context in which they were created. 

There is a limited supply of these treasures, and they will never be made again. 

We have started sourcing Tang Dynasty tiles and hand-decorated blue & white Ming Dynasty tiles, and stock them both in our Cape Town and Johannesburg branches.

Tiles for mosaic 

Liebermann Pottery manufactures specialized, 5mm thick tiles for mosaic work.  All primary colours are available, as are pastel colours, earthy colours, black and white.  We also sell broken pieces of porcelain, beads and other curiosities which may be inlaid into a mosaic work.  All mosaic tiles are 150mm square.  

Mosaic Tiles

Picture Tiles
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