Tableware and Dinnerware

Beautiful and cottagey, Liebermann Tableware has been in production as a studio pottery in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 1955. 

The types of earthenware pieces we manufacture as tableware and dinnerware have been produced in England at least since the Middle Ages, when small family-run potteries were to be found wherever clay, fuel and a market coincided.  The traditional potteries of Britain were gradually ousted by the industrial revolution, leaving only a handful of studio potters to continue the tradition of handthrowing and making functional wares.

Bernard Leach did much to rekindle interest in traditional British pottery, and Sammy Liebermann developed this range of tableware under Bernard Leach's influence - with a strong leaning towards the Japanese style of Shoji Hamada. This style was also based onto  traditional, pre-industrial, functional pottery. Since then, the Liebermann range has become an iconic South African tableware.

Our handthrown range of ceramic dinnerware includes earthenware bowls, teapots, cups, mugs, serving dishes, cooking dishes, plates and condiment bowls among others.

Our dinnerware is as durable as we are - there is a long tradition of Liebermann tableware as a trousseau for newly weds, and we frequently have couples coming back after thirty years - and sometimes longer - to replace dinnerware pieces that have finally surrendered to years of heavy use.  

Our tableware and dinnerware is also popular with guest houses, game lodges, hotels and restaurants for its homely beauty and durability. Each piece is individually made, and slightly different.   Our tableware glazes are harmonious and can be mixed and matched.    

Should you wish to match your tableware and cannot bring a sample to the shop, please send us a photograph, since glaze mixes do vary over the years. And if you need to replace a lid, send us a measurement in millimeters for a perfect fit. 

Large dinnerware orders may need to be manufactured and time should be allowed accordingly. 

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