Terracotta plant pots

We have a very extensive range of good quality terra cotta garden planters in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes in our Johannesburg gallery. 

Tones vary from soft pale tones to rich ochre, depending on the level of vitrification and the firing process. 

Terracotta plant pots can be muted in tone and made paler by applying a light and dilute wash of lime or whitewash. 

Moss can be encouraged on terra cotta garden features by keeping the plant pot in a moist environment, spraying regularly with water, and by smearing yogurt over the surface of the planter. 

 An even more effective moss recipe is equal parts milk and organic kelp fertilizer.  Moss may also be carefully wedged around the base of the planter and kept moist until it is established. And I recently learned the best moss recipe: Grab yourself some moss, mix it with yogurt and water in a blender, and then paint this onto the pot - this recipe is so reliable you can paint moss patterns with it.

Terracotta is ideal for orchids, which like very little water, lots of air around their roots, bark as a planting medium, and to be as root-bound as possible, however, they can also thrive in a glazed orchid planter, provided they are kept root-bound and starved of water and nutrients, but given a large drainage hole.

Assorted Terracotta planters

Cats in tree

Drip trays TC

Half round Terracotta Wall Pot

Octagonal Terracotta Planter

Orchid Pot with holes for Aerial Roots

Oval terracotta windowbox

Oval terracotta windowbox (deep)

Small square terracotta planter

Square terracotta planter

Tall ribbed terracotta planter

Tall scalloped terracotta planter

Tall Terracotta Planters

TC Pot Feet

TC Rustic Classic Pot

TC Sachs planters

TC Saucer

TC Saucer 52cm

TC Square Saucer

TC Tall Orchid Pot

Terra Cotta Firepot

Terra Cotta Orchid Pot

Terra Cotta Planters Old

Terra Cotta Ribbed Plant Pot

Terra Cotta Rolled Planters

Terra Cotta Standard Pot

Terracotta Plain Window Box

Terracotta succulent pots

The Dog Food

Tuscan Corner Pot Terracotta

Tuscan Window Box Square Terracotta

Various Gwayi Pots
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