Clays and other materials

We sell a variety of red earthenware terracotta clays (fine earthenware tableware clay, groggy earthenware clay, a magnificent very groggy earthenware clay for large works and earthenware paper clay). 

 These last two are superb for large scale projects because of their strength and malleability.  We also sell some of our glazes in liquid form, plaster of paris, bisque tiles and various slips.

 Our earthenware clays can be vitrified at temperatures of up to 1260 degrees Celsius.

 We regularly import porcelain clays and purple sand teapot clays.

0-1 grog earthenware clay

0-3 rough groggy clay

Fine Earthenware Terracotta clay

Fine Porcelain clay

Liebermann Glazes

Purple Sand Teapot Clay

White clay
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