Rustic Garden Planters

Many of these wares are made without even a potter’s wheel; the potter moving round a stationary piece with hands perfectly poised to create and hold a symmetrical shape. 

Their rough texture, simplicity and earthy tones add a base note to the garden. 

Most rustic garden planters are fired in wood kilns, at a high temperature, often with a burnished finish.  The high temperature at which they are fired is responsible for their dark chocolate brown hues.

Many are orginally made  as water storage jars, or to hold fish, but nonetheless easily lend themselves to growing plants.

Barge on the river

Big fat pot

DRAGON Planter

Drip trays


Flower pots unglazed

Pots on bicycle

Rain Jar Decorated

Rustic Desert Amphora

Rustic Fat Planter Lion/Pie Crust

Rustic Frilly Pot Large

Rustic Lion Head Pot

Rustic Planter

Rustic Planter

Rustic Planter

Rustic Planter giant w/rim

Rustic Planter w/ 3 lines

Rustic Pottery

Shallow Planter

Tall Glass with rim

Tall Lettuce rim large

Trumpet Rustic Planter

WAFFLE Jar Large

Waterpot lid dish
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